Kelly Long: Experienced Businesswoman and Ventura County Supervisor for District 3


Kelly Long, is our Ventura County Supervisor for District 3, former Pleasant Valley School District Board Member, an experienced businesswoman and a working mother. She has a vested interest in our educational system and our community. She’s running again as Supervisor because she can bring her “effective & efficient” personality, skills, and experience to get things done at the County.

  • Public Office Experience

  • Real Business Experience

  • Active Mother

  • Fiscally Responsible

  • Former School Board President

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree

Kelly has been working in Camarillo since 1994 where she started at Royce Medical as a Mechanical Engineer.  Later, she and her husband, two young daughters, and two dogs bought a home here to be with family and build a strong community around them. They enjoy living here and take full advantage of the weather and outdoors spaces to do everything from hiking, biking, and surfing, to hanging out at the swim meets at the new Adolfo Camarillo High School Pool.


Serving you as Ventura County Supervisor in District 3 for the past three years has been the honor of my life. I have drawn on my experience as a a parent, engineer, businesswoman, and former school board president to ensure our county government is fiscally responsible while remaining focused on job creation, public safety, and education.

If re-elected as Supervisor, I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure all our residents, families, and businesses have the opportunity to succeed and to achieve the American Dream.”
— Kelly Long