Platform and Issues


  • Transportation – End the gridlock so we can spend more time with our families and less in the car.

  • Jobs – We need to increase good-paying jobs in Ventura County to support our families.

  • Housing – We need to ensure we have affordable housing for our families in the different price ranges.


  • Schools – Educate our students to prepare them for the future.

  • Public Safety – Keeping our families safe is a priority and we must support our first responders.

  • Environment – A balance needs to be made that protects the natural environment of Ventura County and our urban cities.


  • Balanced Budget – Use the money we have responsibly rather than raising taxes even higher.

  • Cut Waste - Make sure our government spends wisely and prioritizes efficiency.


We need to increase the number of good-paying jobs here in Ventura County. More and more companies are leaving – especially our middle class manufacturing, informational technology (IT), finance, and business services. Companies like Amgen and SolarWorld are shedding jobs. We have record vacancies in the industrial real estate in our cities and middle class families are leaving Ventura County because their companies are moving out and there are no jobs to keep them here. This is creating greater income inequality and lower wages for many workers in our area. Our 2012 average annual salary in Ventura was down to just $45,000, while we’ve lost 22% of our manufacturing jobs from 2005-2012. My objective as County Supervisor is to work with companies to stay here and make it so jobs friendly that more companies want to move here rather than leave.


The time spent commuting to and from work impacts our quality-of-life. When more time is spent in the car it means less time spent with our families, our friends, or other important priorities. Currently 54% of our motorists spend 20 minutes or more commuting. In addition, a worker wastes an average of about 23 hours a year stuck in rush-hour traffic. Reducing the commute time is imperative! I’ll focus on creating jobs here in the county, improving highway conditions, and making carpooling and public transportation more accessible and reduce commute times and traffic.


Where you live is just as important as what job you have. They go hand and hand. Historically part of the American Dream is to own a house. In Ventura County only 29% of families can afford a house and this means that they commute to a cheaper location or squeeze into a space too small for their needs. Currently we have a very low vacancy rate of 2.5% of our multifamily rentals and have an extremely high average monthly rent of $1,719. As Supervisor, I’ll work to replace old housing stock that falls out of use or is converted to their purposes and find innovative ways to create more affordable housing options for our families.


Educating our children should be one of our most important priorities. We need to continue to support our school districts to ensure that we have a strong public school system. As Supervisor, I’ll encourage our schools to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) to prepare students for the 21st college and job market. Even though many of the core jobs in Ventura County will stay the same, how we do them continues to change. We need to be the leaders of that change.


Keeping our families safe is my single biggest priority as County Supervisor. Police and Fire protection should be the highest funding priority for our cities and county. Violent crimes and property crimes threaten the quality of life. Under the Assembly Bill 109, the state realigned the state prisons and shifted the responsibility to the county level. Then with Prop 47, some felonies were reclassified to misdemeanors. This means more dangerous criminals in our communities and less safe neighborhoods, and that is unacceptable.


In Ventura County we need to protect our open space, preserve our natural habitats, but also ensure for a strong economic development. We have beautiful 43 miles of coastline and fertile lands. We also have urban areas, a $2 billion dollar Agricultural Industry, and 57 Oil & Gas companies. As Supervisor, I’ll work to keep our air and water quality clean and protect our wildlife. I’ll also make meeting the water demands of county the highest priority and look at ways to complete water saving and reservoir projects in a way that ensures the protection of the groundwater basin.


I’ll be blunt: I am a fiscal conservative. As Supervisor, I will work to balance the county budget with no new taxes. Ventura County’s general budget for 2015-16 exceeds $2.03 billion dollars. That is enough to get the job done – and if it’s not – it’s my responsibility to go through the county budget line by line to eliminate waste. We should make sure that we keep our taxes low to stimulate growth within the county.

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